About Us

We are a family business located in Rathfarnham, South Dublin. Our family is originally from the Liberties area of the City. The Liberties is where Dublin grew from and is the oldest and most historic part of the City. It’s a place that is well worth exploring if you ever come to visit Ireland, you will not be disappointed. We have named one of our urns after this area. Our other urns are named after Irish playwrights, poets and authors.

Connemara Marble Urns

We build Irish hardwood, Oak and Spalted Beech, Feild Maple and Connemara Marble, urns on a craft basis. From selecting the finest Irish hardwoods and Connemara marble through to final polishing, every urn is made in our own workshop.

We believe that the customer comes first. From initial contact with us you will always be dealing with a family member. We believe that the quality of our urns is unsurpassed. Care in the crafting of our urns at every stage is reflected in the final product. Having made these urns for many years for family and friends we decided, because there was an increasing demand for our products, to set up our website and offer our urns to a much larger audience.