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The Saoirse Marble Double Chambered Campanion Urn

The Saoirse Marble Double Chambered Campanion Urn

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Connemara marble is a hard and durable stone that can take a high polish. Considered to be the Worlds rarest and most exquisite, true green marble, it comes in a wide range of tones from pale – grey sage to darkest forest green, with every shade of lime and leaf in between. It is known as Irelands gemstone.

The stone is predominantly found in the mountains of the Connemara region in the County of Galway in Western Ireland. It lies to the West of Galway City and Loughs Corrib and Mask along the Atlantic coast of Ireland. It is extracted from the quarries that underline the Twelve Ben Mountains. No two pieces of Connemara marble are the same. Each piece is as unique as your fingerprint.

The stone for our marble urns comes from one of only a handful of Connemara marble quarries on the planet. The marble was formed 900 million years ago. Our Connemara marble urns are truly a piece of ancient Ireland. The brass memorial plaques can be installed on the urns or on the separate Connemara marble plaque. All of our urns can be up-sized or down sized as required.

We use authentic Connemara marble. There is a lot of marble masquerading as Connemara marble but our marble comes from a quarry in Lissoughter, Recess, County Galway. If you require proof of origin please contact us. These urns fill from the underside. They are sealed using a Connemara marble plaque and a supplied tube of adhesive. These Connemara marble urns are very special and are a magnificent final resting place for your loved one.

Please note that there are no lining options presently available for marble urns.

Instead of the brass memorial plaque being placed on the urn we offer the option of it being put on to a marble plaque, to be placed beside the urn, at no extra cost

All marble urns are made to order. They take approximately one month from date of order to time of delivery.

Double chambered companion urn.
Saoirse (pronounced Seersha) is the Irish word for freedom.


Length 11.25″, width 9.75″ and height 8″.

Capacity 550 cubic inches (approx.).


Price includes shipping. Ships worldwide.

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